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    Default Laundry washer drain pipe freezing. Please Help!

    My laundry room is near the garage. In the winter with freezing temps, the washer drain pipe freezes quite often. I have had many instances of water overflowing and getting into the sub-floor and it has become a real pain. This only happens in the winter freezing temps so I am pretty sure the drain is not clogged. Any suggestions? I have read about baseboard heaters, electrical heating wires, insulation. I was thinking of getting a wall-mounted baseboard heater to put on the wall where the drain opening is located. What works best? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Laundry washer drain pipe freezing. Please Help!

    Is the drain on an outside wall? If it is and it's a 2x4 wall the problem is there isn't enough room to get insulation between the 2" trap and the outside wall. Your best bet my be to cut a grill into the wall at the trap location to allow the heat in the room to enter the stud bay. Before installing the grill insulate the trap as best you can but don't get any insulation in front of the trap you what it exposed to as much of the room heat as possible.


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    Default Re: Laundry washer drain pipe freezing. Please Help!

    Another option would be to remove the drain from the wall cavity and fill the cavity with insulation. The drain would then be on the laundry room side of the wall that is in heated space which will keep it from freezing.
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