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    Cool crawl space

    I'll get right to the point . I have a cinderblock type wall for my crawl space in a fifty year old bungalow style house .The walls are starting sag creating an unlevel house making averything hard to close . Can I dig a basement pour a concrete wall all around and tie into the existing structure making it all even once again .Is that what they refer to as a type of underpinning .I saw a video on you tube and thought I would ask .Thanks

    Thanks for the responses but the question still remains ,is that what they refer to as a type of underpinning .
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    Yes you can do what you say, but it is going to be very expensive to excavate for a basement after the home is already built. I would say you can pour footings where you need them, and take out the sags slowly with leveling posts,go very slowly if you don't want all the walls to crack, This would be a much cheaper alternative, if your crawlspace is tight to the ground then it will be a challange to dig under there and pour footings, but probably the most cost effective. If your in a dry/warm area then pre-cast footings may be all you need. Good Luck!

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    Almost anything is possible. How much money do you have?

    Jacking up a house and putting a new foundation under it is a well-established process. It's not unlike moving a house from one location to another, except that you're not putting it on a dolly to move it. With house moving, the actual transportation is only a fraction of the total cost -- most of the expense is preparing the destination site with a foundation, the jacking, and lowering.

    Most construction contractors aren't equipped or experienced to take on this type of project; you want to look for house moving contractors or contractors specializing in retaining walls, foundation repair, or retrofit foundations.
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