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    Default Desert home humidity

    I own a 2nd home in Palm Desert CA that I will be closing up in mid May through mid October. Is it advisable to fill large buckets with water to add humidity and keep wood furniture from drying out? I do plan on setting my AC to 83 degrees.

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    Default Re: Desert home humidity

    Just live the life.

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    Default Re: Desert home humidity

    A humidifier would be the most logical choice. You're in the desert and the AC is a dehumidifier.
    Be sure you live your life, because you are a long time dead.-Scottish Proverb

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    Default Re: Desert home humidity

    Howdy your wood floor has a 6% moisture content which is very hard to get below this %. I would not leave any buckets of water if your ac goes out there is a very aggressive mold that grows in desert environments in warm homes.. Consider calling a flooring store in your area an ask them if they have any other recommendations as they will have vast experience with wood floors and your climate.

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