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    Default Sewer gas smell in house when I run dishwasher

    A couple years ago, we put a new addition on our house. Our kitchen is located in this addition. Recently when I run the dishwasher, I get a sewer gas smell in the house. I have on occasion had the smell without running the dishwasher. There is a trap under the sink and the dishwasher is hooked in between it and the sink. I have added water to all floor drains in the basement to make sure they weren't dry. It seems the smell is strongest in the basement, but I can't find where the odor is directly coming from. There is a vent on the roof. Since it didn't smell at all the first year after we built, I am guessing that everything is plumbed correctly. At a loss though as to how to figure out why the gas is escaping into the house at this time. Also, we are on a septic system which has recently been pumped.
    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Sewer gas smell in house when I run dishwasher

    Howdy, do you have any P traps sinks showers bath tubs that are seldom used? If so run some water in them and maybe its just the evaporation of the water in those that is allowing sewer gas smell. Consider running the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar in it and if a garbage disposal run some ice and a cup of vinegar threw it as might be fungi not sewer gas. Dishwasher soap are you using the one with bleach or enzymes? Try the bleach one for a while.
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    Default Re: Sewer gas smell in house when I run dishwasher

    I agree with TM 100% on this one, cause I've done it myself.

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