I am located in Ottawa Canada - so 30% RH is recommended when the weather is below -10'C.
We had condensation problems and older windows. Last year we replaced our windows and I expected the problem to go away. If it is mild/cool out there is little or no problem. With the cold weather there is a lot of moisture on the windows - enough that needs to be wiped up, and frost built up on the North side windows overnight. The humidity level was 35% and with a dehumidifier I brought it down to 30%. Last night the dehumidifier didn't collect any water and the humidity level has stayed at 30%, but there is just as much moisture/frost on the windows as before.
We have wood windows so moisture is a big issue.
- Keeping the blinds open doesn't help
- We heat with natural gas
- Removing the window screens doesn't help
Is there something I am missing here?