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    Default Gas Fireplace Light Switch

    Hi all,

    I recently moved into a resale home which has a gas fireplace and a light switch which works the fireplace. Everything worked greet for months until now. One day I turned the switch on and the fireplace didnt light. Now the pilot light is still on and i can turn the fireplace on noramly fron the front of the fireplace. Its just the switch no longer fucntions. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? I have no clue how this witch works. I've been reading that it receives power generated from the pilot light, could be wrong
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Gas Fireplace Light Switch

    Generally, there are two low-voltage wires coming from the control valve in the fireplace to the switch. Builders typically use a standard "light switch."

    You can test it by identifying the switch wire in the fireplace. This will usually look like a very thin lamp cord, or it will have a round, brown jacket slightly thicker than a wooden matchstick. This wire will connect to the control valve.

    Jumper across the terminals of this wire at the control valve and see if the fire starts. If it does, the problem is in the wire or the switch. If it does not start, the problem is in the control valve.

    If you've determined that the control valve is OK, you can proceed to test the switch. Jumper across the terminals of the switch. If the fire starts, replace the switch.

    If it appears that the control valve is bad, please contact a qualified repair person. Repair of the gas controls is not a DIY job.

    WARNING: If your fireplace has a blower, there will also be a larger wire entering the fireplace, but it will not be attached to the control valve. Don't mess with this wire; it's 120V. If you really want to ensure your safety, turn off all power to the house at the main breaker in the electrical panel before doing any of the above.

    For the ultimate in convenience, you can get remote controls for these fireplaces.
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