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    Default Cleaning mexican terra cotta floor tile

    My mother had mexican terra cotta floor tiles installed in her house in about 1989. For many years she has been using a product called Mop & Glow to "clean/maintain" these tiles, as well as vinyl tile in the kitchen area. There is now a very ugly, dirty-looking, build up of this product on all of the floors that we're now trying to remove.
    We've been using Krud Kutter with a brush-type floor scrubber. Even after several applications we're still not able to remove all of the build up.
    Can you recommend something that may work more effeciently on these types of tiles?

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    Default Re: Cleaning mexican terra cotta floor tile

    The best way to clean tile and grout is with a general household type steam cleaner such as the SteamFast SF275. Steam releases dirt and oils from any heat tolerant surface. Steam will also help to remove the build up of waxes and polymers that the cleaning products you've used in the past have left behind.

    The best part about using steam to clean with is that it will both clean and sanitize without the use of expensive, harsh, and environmentally unfriendly cleaners, saving you time and money.

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    Default Re: Cleaning mexican terra cotta floor tile

    Agree that steam is a great shifter of muck. Just be a little careful in the kitchen around the kicking boards (the bit from the underside of the cabinet to the floor) if they are chipboard(particle board) based. The sealant/strip on the bottom might not be a good seal of they are old.

    They don' like a lot of damp and will swell at the drop of a hat!

    (that goes for us in the UK, but maybe the kitchens are better quality in the states?)

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