Our house is a one-story house with a two-story addition on the back. For years we've heated with wood stoves, one in the front part, one-story and a stove in the daylight basement of the back part, two-story. With the high efficency furnaces and government incentives, we decided to get a furnace installed in the back part of the house. The thermostat is on the second floor. I argued it should be in the daylight basement like the woodstove was, but the installer thought my logic was wrong. Now, we have 68 deg. upstairs and 62 deg. or less in the daylight basement. Also, there's no carpeting on the floor in the daylight basement. Should the thermostat be moved? Should we install carpet on the floor of the daylight basement? Is there another idea you have to solve our problem? By the way, we lost our carpeting a few years ago when the basement flooded. We think we've got that problem fixed, but would like to install something on the floor.