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    Default No Overhead Lighting

    We have a 100 year old 2-story home. At the current time none of our overhead lighting is working. Right before we moved into the home, it got broken into and ripped out all the copper, we believe they messed up our electrical when they did.

    Most of our outlets work, we've tried to reset the breaker box, had electrical Co. check the meter and that was fine. We've had electricians look and they couldn't find the problem. Also we checked meter strength and nothing seems to be able to find the reason why they are not working?

    At this point we are thinking we will have to gut the entire wiring and start all over...I really don't want to do that!

    Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


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    Default Re: No Overhead Lighting

    Re-wire and start from fresh. Replace the main panel too.

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    Default Re: No Overhead Lighting

    I have found that if a house was built pre-electricity, there will be old points of access to run new ceiling box wiring. The electrician who wired it 100 years ago will have removed some floorboards to create paths to the ceiling boxes below. So, IOW, you access from above. If you can open up these old paths you can easily run new cable. It's a lot easier than tearing up ceilings. The floorboards are usually just set back down with a few finish nails, the grooves of the T&G will have been broken off. This has saved us a lot of time in the past, retracing the old-timer's work.
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