Hi, I just had my buderus boiler 115 (oil forced hot water) yearly cleaning/tune-up by my new oil company performed yesterday. It is about 6yrs old, was installed w a Riello 40 burner, which I discovered had a small leak. Tech said it should be all set, not sure what he did, said he tightened something, but today I noticed it is leaking again, so I obviously will need some service. But my question is in regard to this burner. He said he didn't like riello burners because they require you to buy a whole repair kit which is half the cost of a Beckett oil burner. I'm not sure if this is true, or is it a case of him not being familiar with buderus/riello products; (I also asked about the Logimatic control, I don't have it, but his response was the more electronics, the more problems) So what are the differences in oil burners, are their pros and cons etc, and also what is the deal with the Logimatic controller? The original installer said something along the same line, I do live in the North East, it gets cold, and as you know, the cost of heat keeps going up and if their is a way to save, I would be interested in this technology. Any help or info from someone with similar set up is greatly appreciated!