I am trying to find information on the best way to replace a moisture barrier between a brick exterior wall and the interior of the house. We had a leak in the front of the house that drove water into the wall and ultimately resulted in mold. We are well into the remediation process but have come to a screeching halt due to the lack of contractors in the area wanting to do small jobs.
While Servepro was conducting the mold removal it was determined that the lower 4' of moisture barrier needed to go. Once removed we found that the studs were rotted on the side where they were previously in contact with the barrier board. Now we are faced with replacing the studs and the barrier. I have a lot of experience with framing so the stud portion is not an issue. I don't, however, have any experience working with brick walls, masonry or the moisture barrier board that was in place.
The house was built in 1969, so I am assuming that there may be a better/easier to install product on the market by now. I am also curious if there are any structural integrity issues due to the gap that was created between the studs and the exterior brick when the moisture barrier was removed.

Thanks for any help or ideas,