I have been watching the Barrington House in Rhode Island from practically day one on the web cam. Now I saw that they their had wrap part and the camera crew was there. So I thought well no more web cam and no more seeing the project but then I noticed it was off then it was on again and now finally off. I say that is good because now this family can get some privacy. Still though it leaves a mystery what happened to their front windows. If you look at the webcams you see them working on the front windows. I just wonder if they were defective or someone doesn't like the family or something and smashed some windows. It sure wouldn't be the first time I had heard of vandalism on a This Old House site but something like this hasn't happened since those rich folks had Tom Silva build out their house and add a piano room. It was then that Tom Silva mentioned the damage on tv to Steve Thomas. If anybody knows anything about this I hope they post it here and mention what happened on tv. I think a great deal of people are curious. If it was a crime and someone knows who broke the windows they should report it to the police.