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    Default air leaks in Anderson sliding glass doors

    After 10 years the Anderson sliding glass doors in the bedroom, are leaking air despite my attempts to plug them. Do I have to have the window replaced?

    Is it worth having them removed and replaced with better insulation around?

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    Default Re: air leaks in Anderson sliding glass doors

    Most likely your door has come out of square or plumb. This is because of settling or improper support of the tracks and jamb, it may be possible to repair the door and seal up those leaks, improvement in door technology has come a long way in the past 10 years , so with that said either way you need a carpenter to check out you current situation and see what your best option is, if they have to remove the door unit to re-structure or insulate, then replacing the door is just as easy to do at that point, if the door is in proper shape then you might want to repair it. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: air leaks in Anderson sliding glass doors

    Before you commit to expensive replacements, try changing the weatherstripping. Could be a cheap fix.

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