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    Question The Guardian sump pump?

    Where can you buy "The Guardian" 747h20 sump pump?
    I've tried searching for it at the Home Depot website and but came up empty.

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    Default Re: The Guardian sump pump?

    You can order this pump from most pumbing supply houses, but remember this is a water powered pump that needs at least a 3/4" water connection at the pump, it pumps 2 gals.sup water for every gallon of fresh water, this can be very expensive if your on city water, this pump doesn't function if the water supply is interuppted. A watchdog battery system is o.k. for most people, just make sure you have two batteries, and the charger is keeping them fully charged, this will get you a couple days if its not coming on too often. (If your talking about a severe basement flooding issue from a heavy storm, then you should have a gas powered back-up running from outside). If you have longer power outages then you need to get a generator to at least run an electric pump, or possibly two pumps! Good Luck!

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    Default Re: The Guardian sump pump?

    I'd prefer to see this used as a back-up, not a main sump pump unless you're talking about really small amounts of water. I saw an old version of one of these in a home built in 1918 and it still works perfectly after a few valve rebuilds through the years. Here there is little water ingress so it rarely runs- it was just for some extra peace-of-mind installed by a smart builder. The nicest part about this type is that they are super-simple and super reliable. No motor or pump to possibly fail or wear out because they have none!

    If you really need a sump pump to stay dry you also need a back-up and it is best for that to use a totally different power source. In fact I prefer that entire pump to be a separate system not sharing any components with the first. As unlikely as it is, what if the drain piping were broken or clogged? Then you've got two pumps doing he same thing for you- nothing. With a stand alone backup you're still staying dry no matter what happens to the main system. Being a professional skeptic has it's advantages sometimes!


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