We just put in hardwood where carpet, tile and vinyl were once installed and I removed all the baseboard moldings before putting in the hardwood. Now the problem is that in some rooms (like where the tile was) the standard 4.5" base molding like the one I removed falls below the original installation. In other rooms, even though it is the same or higher, there are quite a few spots where the drywall paper ripped when removing it.

Also, I want to avoid using base shoe molding for a cleaner look, so I am looking for something thicker than the usual 15/32 or 9/16 inch think molding you can get a home depot. The idea is to cover the ends of the hardwood without leaving any gaps and without using quater-round or shoe molding.

Finally, even though the house is a colonial, we want something simple without a lot of details.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to get wider and thicker base molding. We live in Maryland, but I am open to mail order too.

Thanks for your help.