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    Default Small Narrow Side Yards for Manufactured Homes

    Interested in your ideas concerning small narrow side yards and how they can be landscaped. Visited many landscape sites and they describe and picture what a 'good-looking' landscape project would look like but can't find any ideas about what to do to landscape around our manufactured home. We live in a very nice 55+ community and would like to compliment the other landscapes and make our own pleasing to us and our neighbors. We live on a corner lot and will will fence the back yard. Its the side yard area that we are having trouble deciding how to 'dress' it up. Even though the yard is small and narrow we believe we can enhance the appeal of the home as well as the other homes that surround us. The landscape that is presently in place is huge and overgrown and that in itself will take quite a bit of manpower to remove. Maybe we are thinking too small. Your ideas would be very helpful about now since spring is just around the corner.
    Thanks a bunch! Psaltee

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    Default Re: Small Narrow Side Yards for Manufactured Homes

    While I can't say I am anywhere near a master gardener I will tell you what I have heard from the experts concerning small yards. For a small yard think small don't buy any plants that will get real tall smaller is better. Also avoid things that will get wide or spread too far especially if you want to stay on good terms with your neighbors. You might like that creeping flowering plant but your neighbor might not. I am glad you are thinking about cleaning out your yard and getting rid of the invasive plants. Certainly not a good time now but just before spring arrives and it doesn't rain is a great time to get started as those plants will not start the growing process. The best advice I can give is to go to a regular nursery for your plants and not Lowes or the Home Depot. Don't get me wrong those stores are great but they also don't have experts to advise you nor do they have the best selection of dwarf plants. Good luck to you!

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