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    Default Shelf support systems: Corbels or Standards & Brackets?

    Picture this please: a "great room" with 20' wall with an opening into a center hall in the middle. On the right side of the hall is the dining area and on the left is a 38" opening into the kitchen which is defined only by a surrounding bar height counter. Hope that sets the scene!

    Just about to start hanging shelves in our kitchen area to visually continue the line of shelves we just created by our first major DIY woodworking project, an 8' tall, 9' wide built-in bookcase unit (made up of 4 separate bookcase units) on the dining room side of the same wall.

    Since walking space into the kitchen area is tight, the kitchen shelves will be about 6"-8" deep (rather than 12" for the built-in) but we'll finish them with the same front edge trim molding to maintain the look.

    Not planning to load the kitchen shelves with anything particularly heavy, just cups and small plates and just about anything else "kitchen-ey" that fits, and would love to hear your learned opinions as to the best way to support the shelves elegantly. Wood corbels (how hard are they to make since they seem to be pretty pricey and we just got our first Kreg Junior jig!) or standards and brackets (I really like the simplicity of the Rakks systems)?

    Many thanks in advance--I love this forum!
    Last edited by Badokole; 01-09-2012 at 12:43 PM. Reason: forgot the exciting news that we got a Kreg jig!

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