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    I've seen on the other channel (hgtv) framing done with blue wood. This is suppose to be mold resistant,water proof and insect proof...
    Does anyonw know where this "bluwood" can be bought or looked at?

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    Perhaps look on their website for the source? I can't say if it's there because I'm here, and a rather loyal dog too I set my TV to TOH and broke the knob off- it's all I need!


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    A huge retirement type apartment complex was just built near me, using all bluwood framing. It was 2 years under construction, an interesting project. Maybe they want to preserve the building, not the residents...

    I've never used bluwood, but you can check with Conrad Forest products for local availability. I know very little about bluwood and the risks involved and I would hesitate to use it until we know more about it. But IMO, any wood that's treated against so many things, like bluwood is, can't be good for your health, or is it?

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