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    Is it a bad idea to have a bathroom towards the front of the house? Right now it is a bedroom. We have a small kitchen and very small bathroom and we were thinking of shifting it all and just removing the bedroom which would give us a larger kitchen and bathroom but the bathroom would be in the front of the house. I never seen or hear of a bathroom in a home where it was in the front of a housePlease help me decide if this is a bad idea or if it would be something that would work.Linda

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    I have a powder bath at the front of the house. the doors are within 2 feet of each other. Best to ask your realtor though about the value of what it will do to your home when it comes time to sell.

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    I've seen many bathrooms in the front of various homes, and most of them were 1/2 baths (guest or powder rooms).
    Talk to architects, see plans and go yo open houses on Sundays, to get a better feeling about it.

    There will be a lot of construction in converting a bedroom into a bathroom and larger kitchen and it won't be cheap. At the end of the day ask yourself: will you benefit from such a conversion? if you say 'yes', do it.

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    Two thoughts here. First is that this is your home and you can do whatever you like. Second is that most people want their houses to appeal to others- that's very important when you plan to sell. You've got a design question so you can seek advice from an architectural design consultant or do it on the cheap yourself. Look at other homes to see how it's done there and ask your friends who know your house what they think. You can lay out the new lines with tape on the floor to get an idea of what will happen to the space you're changing. You can get a better idea of that by setting up something to simulate those walls temporarily- freestanding privacy screen panels work great for this. Then you will know what to expect.

    As far as the plumbing, it may or may not be a hassle according to how your system is laid out. You might want to discuss this with a plumber to see what this move will involve. Sometimes this kind of thing is super-easy and sometimes it's a major headache- every situation varies too much to give that advice without seeing it. Everything is possible so it can be done; the question is always how much will it cost and whether you want to spend that.


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