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    Default Underground oil tank lines to the burner

    Just had a new oil company service the burner and in doing so he disconnected one of the lines coming from the underground oil tank that comes through the wall and goes to the burner. My question is.... do you need both lines?
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    Default Re: Underground oil tank lines to the burner

    Some pumps had a "return" line where excess oil was pumped back to the tank. Most pumps today do not need this second line as a pressure regulator is built-in that doesn't need that return. If there is nothing coming from the lines you're OK, but I'd call them back out to explain what they did and why to you- something a good tradesman always does whenever any visible change is made to anything where questions may arise. I would have not only explained it, I would have also made the unused line disappear for appearances sake. A sloppy looking job is usually a sloppy job- not good for my reputation!


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    Default Re: Underground oil tank lines to the burner


    The 2nd oil line is actually designed to return any AIR that gets into the fuel line---an occurrence that can happen when the oil supply tank is below the oil burner pump (as is common).

    However, nowadays there are devices known as Tiger Loops that are fitted onto single pipe systems that expel any air and negate the need for two-pipe fuel line returns------this also lessens the chance that the 2nd line may develop a leak & waste valuable oil to the ground, as well as cause ground and/or groundwater pollution----some municipalities now require that a 2-pipe system be updated with a Tiger Loop for this reason.

    Check your cellar to see if you can find a new Tiger Loop in there.
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