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    Default Re: Porch converted to family room - insulation question

    When insulating a floor, there is no need for a vapor barrier under the insulation. The vapor barrier on the ground will provide the best protection, however, you should make sure there's kraft paper under the finish floor. That's where you need moisture protection.

    Another tip when installing the insulation is to run string under it after it's installed to keep it up when wind and other things try to disrupt it.

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    Default Re: Porch converted to family room - insulation question

    I pretty much have to argree with ordjen.

    The fact the underside of the floor is exposed to the open air it should be a priority of insulating it fully and properly. Batt insulation ( unfaced ) fully filling the joist bays with rigid foam apllied to the bottom side of the joists. The rigid foam will provide a continious thermal break greatly improving the insulation performance.
    You can apply OSB or plywood over top to prevent critters and / or insects chewing the insulation.

    Considering the area under the floor is basically open to the outside then the plastic on the ground isn't doing much of anything --- other than keeping the weeds down.
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