I've searched for endless hours trying to find the answer to my unique situation. I have a house that was built in the early 30's. There are no studs in the walls. I get lots of raised eyebrows when I say that to people. I'm not a carpenter so I don't know what the name is of this type of wall structure would be ( as in balloon etc ). The walls are horizontal slats. As a matter of fact, under the house, many of the floor joists look like Abe Lincoln carved them with an ax. Not the typical house. But its sturdy and in great shape. I've insulated the attic well and added new windows.
I'm wanting to insulate my walls from the inside. I've done lots of research on Foam board, vapor barriers, moisture getting trapped etc. Most of what I find is insulating basement walls. I don't want to hire someone to spray foam. I'd like to do it myself with rigid foam board or something by fur stripping or studding out the walls. On the outside there is vinyl siding. On the inside there is paneling. Can I stud right over the paneling? I also don't want to use sheetrock if possible. Hope someone can help me. Thank you.