I recently moved to Las Vegas from the East coast. My house has no landscaping save for an overgrown Mexican palm. I would really like to landscape but I have no idea how to handle the plant-deadly combination of sun, heat and lousy soil. I have gone to several gardening centers but the choices are overwhelming when you don't know what will grow with what and what you have to do to give the plants a fighting chance in the first place.

To add insult to injury, the old sprinkler system was torn out and the access points from the front to the back of the house were concreted over so getting a water line to the back of the house is majorly problematic.

All I know a this point is that I would like to use a drip irrigation system and I don't want a 100% desert landscaped yard - there is enough sand outside of my home, I'd like to bring a bit of green into my environs.

Any suggestions out there?