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    Default Ghosts or Electrical Problem...

    I live in a home built in 1936. About 30% of the original knob and tube wiring is in place. The rest of the wiring has been updated, but most of it seems to have been a weekend warrior job, so some of it is questionable. I have two 3-way touch light devices, a china hutch and a floor lamp. They are in different rooms and run on separate circuits. When these devices are plugged in, they cycle through off-low-mid-high-off repeatedly on their own. I have tried adding surge protectors to see if the issue is in the circuit. This does not prevent the involuntary cycling of the lights. Is this an issue with the electrial circuitry or perhaps a problem with the devices, or are there ghosts in my house that enjoy playing with the lights?

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    Do you have a true 3 wire (hot, neutral and ground) wiring system on the receptacles? If not, it may be that stray leakage currents are running back though the neutral instead of ground. I have several touch switches in my house and none behave like yours. If your plugs are not polarized, try turning the cord plug over. The larger of the two slots is neutral on polarized receptacles.

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