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    Default Finding source of water leaks

    We recently had the crawl space under our house encapsulated to keep it dry and free of insects. As part of the job a dehumidifier was installed in the space and all of the vents sealed.

    I checked the space about 2 months after the job was completed and found two small pools of water about 15 feet apart, 12" in diameter and about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. We have checked all the fixtures in the house and can find no leaks. I suspect that the leak may be coming from some of the embedded pluming in the house.

    Short of tearing out walls and flooring, is there any other way to find the leaks?

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    Default Re: Finding source of water leaks

    If nothing is visible in the house then I would say it's time to get your flashlight and do some crawling under it. If it's from the plumbing it should be apparent. Of course it could be ground water.


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