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    Default Masonry power tool

    I viewed an episode of This Old House approximately a month ago, and saw a power hand tool that removed head and horizontal mortar joints in a brick wall without damaging the brick. The masonry sub was removing a portion of some decaying mortar while keeping the rest of the brick. They sawtoothed the end of the damaged brick / mortar joints and infilled with the undamaged brick and installed new mortar.

    The hand tool, to my recollection, had two blades, one moving up while the other moved downward.

    What is the generic name of the tool, and who manufactures such a device?

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    Default Re: Masonry power tool

    Perhaps this is the tool you are inquiring about.

    At a price of around $1000 seems to be more in line for professionals in the industry.

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    Default Re: Masonry power tool

    The tool is an Arbortech it has three type blades the large curved blades and small curved blades.
    Than plunge blades which will cut about 4 inches deep.
    For repointing or replacing brick in Historical buildings it work great the mortar in these buildings is softer.
    If your mortar is newer type with a Hi P S I the blades will have to be replaced is a short period of time very copstly.
    In the past five years I have been thru about 12 of these tools.
    For cutting brick joints you will get about 24,000 L/F per tool
    and use about 4 pair of blades in mortar of 1200 PSI or less.
    The cost is $ 1,000 per tool kit.

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    Default Re: Masonry power tool

    Home is over 50 years old. Thank you for the reply. This is exactly what I viewed on the show.


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