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    First time poster, long time reader!

    I am looking to volunteer with a non profit organization that builds or remodels homes, either new or old! I have read about different non profits that are responsible for restoring old homes and I am familiar with the bigger organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. I am just curious if anyone out there knows of any such organizations or a place where I could search?

    Any and all help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    One I have heard of is Christmas in April and now called Christmas in Action from what I read while doing a Google search. There are many other service organizations though and some that concentrate on home repairs for the disadvantaged like Christmas in April and others that provide a new home like the organization you mentioned Habitat For Humanity. The best place to look would be at your local church as most churches adopt one or more organizations to help. If the pastor doesn't know ask one of the ushers as they should know about some things the pastor might not be involved with as the organization may not be officially adopted by that church. I certainly wish you luck in your search and think you are doing a good thing.

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