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Thread: Attic moisture

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    Exclamation Attic moisture

    The attic of our 12 year old colonial home in MA has been retaining moisture for years. We have replaced gable vents, ridge vent and changed the soffet vents with no success. Today, with temps in the teens, the attic is completely frost coated. The plywood we've installed for flooring in the attic is developing black mold. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Howdy, first if you have a humidifier turn it off! are your bathrooms equipped with exhaust fans? If so use them with every shower or bath and run 15 minutes after the water is down the drain. So got a basement? is it dry in appearance? In the attic are the exhaust fans vented threw the roof? If not they need to be ASAP.
    Get a gauge that measures humidity and you want your home under 40% Write back an tell us more...
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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