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    Default Cold Bathroom Floor

    We built a bathroom addition on our home with a ceramic tile floor. The floor is very cold in the winter and I wish that I had installed a heating grid under the tile. Other than tearing out the tile and starting over, what other sugestions would you have? Can heating be installed under the floor (there is about four feet of crawl space)? What about insulating? Thank You, John Warr

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    Warr Art:

    What type of heating system do you have???----forced hot air, forced hot water, etc.???

    Does the crawl space experience freezing temperatures in winter???
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    Default Re: Cold Bathroom Floor

    Here's a not so permanent idea: use a couple of electric floor pads.
    I think I saw them at Costco.

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    Floor towels are a nice touch. Just like in them fancee hotels in the moving pictures.

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