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    Default Skylight Condensation

    I have a pretty large, static, curb mount skylight facing North. It is roughly 30" and 75". It is the original (home built in 1984). I cannot find a replacement. Velux and others do not make a unit this size. A bubble light might be an option, but I am not too keen on that.

    In any event, in cold weather, condensate builds up, then starts dripping down the drywall at each lower corner where skylight meets ceiling. The skylight is "recesseed", it is NOT flush with the true ceiling. Looks to be about 18"-24" in depth from ceiling to base of skylight, but of course, on the exterior, the skylight does NOT sit off the roof this far, maybe 4-6" off roof surface.

    What can I do to eliminate the condensate to eliminate the water damage?


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    Default Re: Skylight Condensation

    Howdy first check the humidity level in your home want it below 40% second consider running exhaust fans in kitchen an bath longer after showers and cooking to remove some moisture. You could have plastic installed flush at the ceiling and trimmed out to keep the warm air in the home and not up against the skylite.
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    Default Re: Skylight Condensation

    There should be a drip rail around the inside that will not only catch the condensation, it should also channel it outside. You'll find these same kind of weep holes in aluminum windows. These channels and weep holes are probably plugged up with dust and dirt or possibly caulked shut by someone who didn't know any better.
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