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    Unhappy exterior framing ?

    HELP. I have an issue with my ex. walls pulling away from the floor joist. The pads and blocks are leaning outward and taking the walls with them. I can see most of the nails are backed out and the wall is falling, basically my whole house is falling down and we just don't have any funds or knowledge to do major repairs such as this. Hurricane Rita in 2005 flooded the yard for 2 weeks and I think this is what started the whole problem. We are in no position to do anything. Can any one suggest anything that we can do. This New Year isn't starting out as a HAPPY One. Are there any organizations to HELP in our situation ? Thanks.

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    Default Re: exterior framing ?

    Yikes this is dangerous! Before you reside there any longer get a contractor out to inspect and temp shore to avoid collapse and possible death. The longer you let it go the worse it will get.
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    Default Re: exterior framing ?

    Get some 5/16" steel cable, cable clamps and eyes, and some come-alongs. Cut away enough plaster to encircle the top plates with cables and pull together with come alongs. Then add fasteners, like some metal corner plates from the joists to the plates. Repeat as necessary to pull the tops of the walls back in and secure the joists to them.
    Be careful.
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    Default Re: exterior framing ?

    You need a professional engineer to evaluate ASAP!

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