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    Default 3 inch copper to pvc for Drain

    I've got a 50 year old house with all copper drains. I wanted to move the toilet so I cut the pipe near the begining, looking to run pvc after. I have been told a lot of stuff about what I need, or even if it is available it would be unaffordable.

    I found this fitting on PEX Supply,
    I was wondering if this is what I need? Someone said I need DWV Copper? I found a DWV adapter for 2 inches, but not 3.

    I don't want to boot it.

    If anyone could shed light on this, that would be AWESOME!


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    Default Re: 3 inch copper to pvc for Drain

    Please post photos of what you have and what you have done so far.

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    Default Re: 3 inch copper to pvc for Drain

    By not booting it are you referring to fernco rubber couplings? I do agree that is not the way to go, but there is what we call a banded coupling. There is on that is made for your needs. It's made in all DWV sizes to go from copper to PVC. It's approved by most plumbing codes. Here is a link to there site. You should also be able to find them at most plumbing supply house's. Just be sure you get the one to go form DWV to PVC.


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