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Thread: A/C compressor

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    Thank you to everyone for the useful information.

    I talked to a local HVAC guy and he says that there must be a local disconnect either near the unit or within line of sight. My plan is to put a post near the unit and mount the disconnect and the box the local power company uses to control usage. BTW...the box near the unit (as it currently sits) is a disconnect...not a circuit breaker.

    The second breaker box is where the wire switches over from aluminum to copper. I believe this box was installed at some later date after the original install (there are hints that things changed over the years). I had a new unit installed ~ 5 years ago....and this unit has the much smaller gauge wire internal. I need to chase the gauge down so I am not adding confusion to the discussion.

    My plan is to move the unit away from the house by about 16 feet. I plan on installing a conduit to run the compressor lines and electrical wires out to the unit. I plan to use the second breaker box as a place to start the wiring to the new location. I plan to move this breaker box into a nearby utility closet. this box has room for only one breaker and is used only for this AC unit. Does anyone know if there are any regulations that would govern me NOT putting the breaker box in a utility closet?


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    Walt, sounds like things are coming together for you.

    I kind of figured the last "breaker" was actually a disconnect.

    I see no reason you can't use the panel in a "utility closet" but a clothes closet is a no no. Also, you should have a 30" clear wall space standing in front of the panel, and some clear space above and below it.

    I previously stated you needed to locate your disconnect within 25 ft and line of sight of the outside unit but someone picked up on it and I was wrong:

    440.14 Location.

    Disconnecting means shall be located within sight from and readily accessible from the air-conditioning or refrigerating equipment. The disconnecting means shall be permitted to be installed on or within the air-conditioning or refrigerating equipment.

    The disconnecting means shall not be located on panels that are designed to allow access to the air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment or to obscure the equipment nameplate(s).

    Also, as you can see, it could be located on the AC unit, if need be.

    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon,

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