I need to move my outdoor AC compressor unit. When I started looking into how it is wired I found some things that puzzled me. I was hoping someone with more experience could set me straight.

The line from the main breaker panel is aluminum 230V single phase, 2 pole on a 50 amp dual pole breaker. The line runs ~ 40 feet into a load box where it switches over to copper. That box has a 40 amp two pole breaker. The copper line runs outside to Square D box that has something that looks like a single pole breaker...but there is no amp rating on the switch. This leads out to a fairly new (4 years old) compressor which I believe uses something that looks like 14 gauge wire (or maybe even lighter) for a screw compressor. It seems to me the amount of power supplied to this unit is way over board for what is needed.

So here are my questions.

1. Do the second and third breakers/switches need to be there? What is the rationale (if any) for them being there?
2. As I am moving the compressor, can I install a junction box inside, switch over to copper at the correct gauge for the compressor and put in a lower rated breaker at the main panel?
3. I am moving the compressor away from the house so there will be no nearby surface to mount anything. Is this OK (to not have a switch box near the compressor) or do I need to put in a post near the compressor for mounting that external switch box?

Thank you for any help anyone can give.