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    Default help with tankless gas fired direct vent HHW


    I currently have a tankless natural gas fired direct vent boiler. It provides both heat and hot water for my single family home. The 1st floor is baseboard and the second floor is radiant.

    The unit is 15yrs old and I'm sure i'll need to replace it in the near future. I'd like advice on replacement. I like the direct vent and tankless aspects of it, but would like to get a unit that is of a high quality and so I'm looking for advice.

    Thanks in advance, Kaiser

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    Default Re: help with tankless gas fired direct vent HHW

    If you are happy with the unit you have, then when time comes just replace it with a similar product.
    The tankless units have improved in the past 15 years, so I'm sure that a new one will give you good service as well.

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