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    Default Re: swapping the position of stove and fridge

    Quote Originally Posted by showmeoz View Post
    Attached to that "spigot" is a clear rubber water tube that attaches to the back of the fridge.
    If it's clear vinyl like aquarium tubing (as clear as saran wrap with no reinforcing cords), it's not designed to handle the water pressure and could fail without warning. Replace it with something else.

    If it's milky white, that's polyethylene or pex and should be able to handle the water pressure, providing there is a brass insert inside the pipe at the compression fitting at each end (or a shark-bite type fitting).

    If it's clear vinyl with embedded nylon cords, that's OK, too.
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    Default Re: swapping the position of stove and fridge

    Thanks, Fencepost. I just did a double check and the tubing is milky white (though slightly transparent). It does have a brass compression fitting at the water line and that also has a shut off valve. There's also an inline water filter.

    The upper end of the water tube is taped about 2' up the back of the fridge where it goes into a kind of metal housing that screws onto the back of the fridge. It all looks prety secure.

    It sounds like it's pretty safe to move things around. Everyone helped allay my concerns. Now all I have to do is rewire the vent hood and move a small cabinet. This will help the kitchen flow so much better!


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