I purchased a house yesterday that has skip-troweled walls pretty much throughout. The walls are in very good to excellent condition, but I have some questions.

  1. I like the colors used in this home, but what are my painting options on mudded walls? Is there a particular paint formulation that works better than others? The walls in the media room were painted (poorly) by the previous owners
  2. The texture is extreme in certain locations. How does one thoroughly clean the crevices without damaging the plaster? Obviously a electrostatic duster would work, but I'm concerned with the deeper crevices collecting pet dander and other sundry airborne nastiness. Also, this house has some fairly dramatic angles and high ceilings and I worry that some of the duster filaments would get caught in the plaster. Bad news with 20' ceilings.
  3. What is the best technique for patching frame holes that will preserve the irregular pattern and color?

I have pics, but am unable to post since I just registered. I'll update then I hit 10

Thanks, any help would be appreciated