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Please show me where the electrical code requires duct work to be bonded

Maurice, what about dielectric unions? The purpose of them is to electrically separate copper and galvanized steel piping to prevent electrolysis, but it seems that doing an electrical bond as required by the electrical codes would defeat the purpose of the dielectric union (as required by plumbing codes). Are the different codes at odds with each other?

Fencepost, the EGC to the water heater effectively grounds it and the dielectric unions protect the water heater piping. I always jumper across the CW & HW piping.

I'm not too familiar with the plumbing codes but they probably do conflict to some degree. A severe ground fault will destroy a cold water line, which seems to bother plumbers.

Look at the Gas Codes...they really don't like electricians bonding to them and will remove them as soon as the electricians leave.

Carpenters don't seem to like what we do to their brand new load bearing joists & walls, probably because they fail their inspections over it.

Sheetrockers have a nasty habit of hiding our boxes, cutting our wires and leaving large gaps around our outlets, which makes us fail our inspections.

Yes, it's a rare job where everyone gets along.

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