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    What could be simpler than a doorbell fix, except ours?
    Our doorbell rings when the neighbor’s button is pushed. We live in a mobile home and in a park. Our two homes share the same electrical transformer feeding each via separate meters mounted on the same meter base stand which is located in the neighbors yard. The phone lines are also fed to each home through this stand but I don't suspect them. I suspect a bad ground but don't know where to start. We haven’t had any other electrical problems. We are not on speaking terms with them so I don't know if theirs rings when our button is pushed. I have pushed ours to see if any one opens their door but didn't see any action. This problem started about two years ago and only happens with our back door button which is the side facing them. The front door has a separate doorbell transformer and is not affected.
    Both homes are ranch style and built in 1984.
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