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    Default Re: Steam Radiator Supply Pipe Leaking

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptTCB View Post
    Good to see the problem was solved however can't let some the misinformation just hang out there so here goes.

    First of all - Steam heating systems operate with very little pressure - half a pound to one and one half pounds. The steam literally "wafts" through the system. I had one of my valves completely off when I had a steam system 14 years ago and the steam just came out of the pipe like a pan of boiling water on the stove. You can put your hand in it and not get burned so there would be no catastrophic steam leak that would burn anyone. This is not like a high pressure turbine or something similar. There would be no disaster as you imply.

    As to a liability suit all 110 of my radiators are in fine shape and I maintain all of them. I spent about four months 13 years ago when we converted our steam system to hot water installing used radiators - about 15 of them were missing or too leaky to use with a hot water system. I hauled two hundred to three hundred pound radiators up and down five floors, removed and refurbished lots of old valves including hand cutting new washers, installed piping, installed new valves,etc,etc.

    That is my experience and qualifications - What are your experience and qualifications in maintaining a system of the size that I have?
    I believe your referring to my post. First off I'm not on this board to compare qualifications with others. I'm here to try to help others with problems I have experience with. I have been in the plumbing & heating business for over 50 years. That is how I make my living and provide for my family. It's not a side line for me. I would never give advice that I felt could be dangerous or cause injury to others. As far as your comments about steam not causing burns. To make steam you have to boil water and that requires 220 degrees. I would say that can cause sever burns. As far as it just rolling out of a open pipe that is true but restrict it like it would be through a pinhole leak and it won't appear to be to be just roiling along. Seam pipes and radiators get very hot. I saw one case that I will never forget where a small child had gotten his hand caught in a steam radiators. It blistered his hand up something awful. Just replacing radiators for four months and maintaining a steam doesn't make you a steam expert. In the future I would suggest before giving advice on how to patch something rather then make a proper repair think of the potential danger and damage it could cause to others.

    Have a good day


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    Default Re: Steam Radiator Supply Pipe Leaking


    In the past I've read many of your comments, answers and suggestions in other postings, which I generally agree with, because they were logical and helpful.

    But as a landlord, just like you, I suggest you refrain from cutting corners in making repairs while your tenants are watching, because tenants sue. They talk to lawyers who manipulate the system and and know how to collect. Your liability insurance carrier will do anything to settle out of court, because they are afraid of what can happen when a liberal judge or a sympathetic jury are involved. And judges are very quick to side with tenants these days, for many reasons.

    In suits of negligence or not meeting building codes, landlords have very little chance to win, and lawyers/tenants cash out. Now more than ever, don't let this happen to you and don't believe for a moment that it could not happen to you, because even the "nicest" tenants sue for big $$$.

    I understand that you carried heavy radiators up the stairs and you did your best to bring your equipment to working condition, but trust me on this: lawyers will always find at least one thing where you violated a code, and bingo, they sue.

    Here's an example: Do you have any freestanding stoves in your apartments? are they attached to the wall? if not, you can be subject to a lawsuit if a toddler manages to climb up the range/oven and gets burned. There are dozens of items in your building that invlove tenants' safety just like this one.

    Be cautious and stay out of trouble.

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    Default Re: Steam Radiator Supply Pipe Leaking

    I guess we are all going to have to agree to disagree in this area. None of us are going to convince the other that we are right or wrong. There is no point in continuing the discussion any further.

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