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    Default Re: Power surges when operating dimmer lights/fans

    As far as the touch lamps go there is little you can do. The switching mechanism in the lamp senses a change in capacitance, that change is normally caused by the capacitance of your body coming in contact with the lamp.However the capacitance change can also be caused by other factors including humidity in the air. You will just have to live with it or put lamps in with normal on/off switches.

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    Default Re: Power surges when operating dimmer lights/fans

    Both fan and light dimmers use a "chopper" to reduce the voltage. These are notorious for putting out electrical "noise" or interference. Usually shows up as buzzing or static on AM radios. Touch switches are sensitive to this interference. The best sulution is to get another circuit to the bedroom. One way to find out if that would fix the problem is to use an extension cord from another room (another circuit) and plug the lamps and WIfi into a strip connected to the extension cord. If the problem goes away, you've found the solution.

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    Default Re: Power surges when operating dimmer lights/fans

    Thanks for the well informed responses, all. I did check the ground and neutral in the wall plate, and note the comment about how touch lamps work (I learn something new everyday ). So far, I can report that the power surges that reset my WiFi radio constantly have not been observed at all. The touch lamp thing is still going on.

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