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    Default Re: Water gets cold 5 min into shower

    We moved into our current 1964 house in 2011, and have a 50 gallon tank. My wife complained about the shower hot water running out after 10 minutes (she doesn't know what a 2-minute shower is).

    Then I pointed out that the shower has 4 shower heads without flow restrictors (single control) . . . the stop gap was to turn up the HW temperature and have more cold water mixed in -- then my 12-year daughter only uses cold water for fear of scalding when using faucets . . .

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    Default Re: Water gets cold 5 min into shower

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    How old is you heater (the date it was manufactured is printed on the label)?
    Replacing any of the parts you mentioned is a skilled job, and we don't know your level.
    Calling a plumber would not be a brilliant idea, if your WH is old, in which case replacing it will be the thing to do.

    Skill level is novice. How old is too old to be repaired?

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    Default Re: Water gets cold 5 min into shower

    over 10 years

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