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    Default Pergola attached to house

    We want to build a pergola over our existing concrete patio. Can we attach one side to the house or should a cut out the patio and pour footings near the house for more posts?

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    Default Re: Pergola attached to house

    Howdy, yes you can attach it to the house . I am installing one on the south side of my 105 year old grand home and using g**** vines to buffet the southern windows from summer sun and also using trumpeter vine... i mention this because i am isolating the structure from the house so the invasive vine does not get into the siding... So if no vines you can avoid some of the posts. Code will likely not allow you to attach to the fascia , rafter tails, if you live where snow loading an issue. Might contact local inspector to see what code they will require you meet.

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