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    Pocket door is stuck. I removed the door top and side trim. one of the rollers (with two wheel) is bent, one wheel on one side and the other on the other side. I tried every effort to get the door back on the rail but door is still stuck. I just cannot get the door off to replace the broken ans stuck wheel. I am thinking I will cut the wheel mount off the door to remove the door. But is this a good option? what tool do I use to cut into metal wheel mount. Or I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Tried to upload picture but system won't allow the upload of jpeg or gif format.

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    Unfortunately, you have to have 10 or 15 posts to your credit before you can upload pictures. You can, however, host them on another site and then link to them here.

    If you can get to the hardware to cut it off, you should be able to get to the screws that hold it to the door. Remove the screws and the door comes out.

    If you can remove the trim and close the door, then you simply lift the door off the track.
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    Can you use a hacksaw or a recipro saw (may be too powerful for this job)? Be careful not to damage anything along the way.

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