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    Default Driveway Flooding

    Okay we are renting a townhouse. Every time it rains our sidewalk and our parking spots flood. We tried putting down stepping stones but it still floods. What else can we do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Driveway Flooding

    Without knowing more about the surrounding area it will be hard to advise. Do you own the parking area or is this part of a communal area that is maintained by an association or management company?
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    Default Re: Driveway Flooding

    If the height of the stones exceeds the depth of the water without the stones, then they won't work because the water is not draining fast enough even with some of it being displaced by the stones.

    However, to be honest, if you are renting this is a problem the landlord should be obligated to address. Some water is not unexpected after a heavy rain or in snowy areas a rapid melt, but constant standing water suggests a lack of drainage.

    I would call the landlord and followup with a letter if no action is taken.

    Good luck.

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