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    Default Gas fired hot air furnace vs hydro-air unit

    Building new home (approx. 4,000 sf) and as the contract stands, there are 2 propane fired hot air furnaces going in. We would like to replace with hydro-air but need to know if it is better than hot air forced and how the cost (hardware/install) compares against the hot air forced?

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    Default Re: Gas fired hot air furnace vs hydro-air unit

    Propane is pretty pricey. I'd look at either geothermal if you have enough land and suitable soil, or at least dual fuel (heat pump and gas furnace... or heat pump and hydronic coil.

    A heat pump and hydronic coil combined with radiant floor heat can be cost effective and give good comfort.

    Make sure you get a high efficiency hot water heater or boiler.

    Hydronic is nice because you can run it at the same time as the heat pump to get comfort and efficiency. With a furnace it's either/or. You have to look at your fuel costs to determine your balance point (outdoor temperature where propane becomes cost effective). IF you have low elec. rates... the heat pump might be cost effective down to even 0F. IF that's hte case, you'll definitely want hydronic so you can use it as much as possible.can

    In some areas propane is some much more than elec. comparatively that a straight heat pump with elec. strips is cheaper to operate.
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