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    Default Re: Gas vs. Electric; Separate Oven/Range vs. Combined?

    I've found gas to be a lot easier to control, especially if you're very particular about cooking. Electric can go far too hot and generally be difficult.
    Right now, I'm cooking on a gas stove and electric oven, and it's been producing good results.

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    Default Re: Gas vs. Electric; Separate Oven/Range vs. Combined?

    I have a GE Monogram dual fuel range, gas cooktop and electric convection oven. IMO it's the best of both worlds.
    The burners, once you learn the way it heats, are very controllable. The monogram burners each have a 150 BTU simmer ring (a separate gas outlet with extremely low heat) and every burner has a wok holder for stir frying (17,000 BTU burners on each)
    Induction is very excellent, too, as the heat is instantaneous, but ferrous pots & pans are an absolute requirement for it to work.
    I added a speedcook oven (GE Advantium) for a second oven, which uses microwave, halogen lamps and a convection element for heat, so as to brown and cook with extreme speed. The advantium can be used as just a microwave as desired.
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