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    Default Re: Shed foundation options

    From my perspective, the slab is a much better idea, EXCEPT for the tax implications.

    If the shed is deemed a permanent structure or improvement, it could very well generate an increase in property taxes. In a place like NY, that increase could eclipse the cost of the shed in just a few years. In such cases, it is sometimes better to do the best, gravel, plastic (moisture barrier) and block foundation you can.

    Where I live, in upstate NY, it would be far cheaper to not have a concrete foundation and replace it every 10-12 years than deal with the tax consequences. In some places, like Long Island, you could replace every 5 years and it would be cheaper than the tax increases.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: Shed foundation options

    I appreciate the feedback. After considering the options, I'll probably get some Dek-Blok from Home Depot that I can put pressure treated 4x4 skids onto. I have a flat yard for it, so drainage and slope isnt an issue. I'll be calling town hall before I start anything to inquire about a permit.
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