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    Cool new water heater

    I just built a custom shower with 3 body sprays, a rain shower head and a hand held sprayer. I figure i need about 10gpm min..I currently have a 40gal. heater and a 3/4" dedicated line to the shower. I also have a 140,000 btu boiler. I live in south eastern ma. and i think the incoming water is about 50 deg.F
    My existing water heater also supplies a small 3/4 bath and a kitchen. also there are only 2 of us in this house.
    I am trying to find my best option for a new water heater. Shuold I go with a direct fired heater or should i add a new zone to my existing boiler with a larger storage tank?
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    Default Re: new water heater

    I'd recommend a local plumbing designer- someone who can calculate the loads, pipe sizes, materials, temperatures and drainage - not someone who just sells fixtures.

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    Default Re: new water heater

    Questions first:

    How many fixtures does your existing 40 gal WH serve, or is it solely serving the custom shower?

    How many people will be using this shower?

    Size and type of WH depend on hot water demand.

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    Default Re: new water heater

    I agree with dj in regards to the need to calculate hot water demand for all the people in the household, according to what's known as PEAK HOT WATER DEMAND during the given hour of highest usage.

    The sites below show how to calculate peak demand, given the hot water usage activities during the hour of greatest hot water usage.

    Since you already have a working boiler, I strongly recommend you use an indirect hot water heater of proper size, as over the long haul this is the least expensive way for you to produce HW; the indirects have a larger up-front cost for the unit, but are much more efficient & don't need a separate flue to burn additional fuel costs; and since they function as a heat exchanger in concert with the boiler, they don't have a combustion chamber to eventually wear out---thus they last for decades with little or no maintenance problems.

    You will have to calculate or have an installer calculate if you already have an adequate size indirect HWH, or if you need to have a larger size installed.

    Indirects with stainless steel innards (tank within a tank) are highly regarded ( and usually the most expensive), and long-lasting, such as Triangle Tube Phase 3, Weil-McLain Gld Plus, Lochinvar Squire, TFI Everhot, the non-stainless steel unit by Amtrol is slightly less efficient, but usually much less expensive than the above units.

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