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    Default laying tile over brick

    My wife and I are wanting to remodel our bathroom floor but the floor in there now is actual sealed brick which is nice and all but we want a change. how do we prep the brick to lay slate tile over it and then what do we do about the height difference from the bathroom to the bedroom after we lay the floor. any help would be great Thanks

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    Default Re: laying tile over brick

    Natural stone requires a deflection of L720, twice that of ceramic or porcelain.

    You'll do well taking some pictures and starting a new thread over at the John Bridge Tile Forum. There you will be able to post pics, get speedy answers and use the handy dandy deflecto-meter on the website.

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    Default Re: laying tile over brick

    The problem with slate square tiles is that they come in deifferent thicknesses and therefore a customary T used between the bathroom and the bedroom won't fit.

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